16 Day WREM / RDM (Wilderness, Remote, Expedition Medicine / Remote Duty Medic.
6 Day WFR. Wilderness First Responder.
6 Day Wilderness / Remote Medicine Introduction
5 Day Marine Rescue / Medicine
3 Day Adventurer's Remote Medicine
7 Day Rescue Medic (in conjunction with Level 1 Rescue)
7 DayTactical Medicine
6 Day Herbal & Jungle Medicine / Expedition Massage
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We design Medical programs and courses for your needs. Contact us at Info@OutworldRescue.com for information about custom designed courses for your agency, operation or organization.
Medical Programs and Classes
Outworld Medical & Rescue Services 
is very proud to announce our association with the non-profit Belize Institute for Tropical & wilderness Medicine to offer you the finest and most unique certification programs in global remote, expedition, and independent duty medicine! Outworld sets the standards for cutting edge remote application medical training – the standards by which all others are judged. Our elite training programs in true remote, 3rd/4th world, expedition, and disaster medicine begin where all others end. By associating with the Belize Institute, we can now offer this program to you – a full certification program, tax-deductible for most persons, and granting a total of 120 CME/CEU hours, or student & resident rotation credit!
Do not confuse this program with the commonly offered wilderness EMT, wilderness “ALS” or wilderness medicine program of a few days duration taught in a resort location somewhere in the developed world… this program is completely different and is designed to take you from your current level of medical training to being prepared and experienced in providing the most critical aspects of extended medical care in remote, expedition, independent duty, missionary, and disaster settings….
Student Comments On File With Us:
“Our instructors didn't so much teach us as inform/educate us; meaning that they were helpful in making a ton of information stick in our brains. And repeating the encouragement and rebukes we needed to help us learn it well. The exercises were incredible…I think the simulations exposed & challenged & gave us an opportunity to fail, but more importantly: to succeed!”

 Remote medicine & trauma… extended care & transport… high-tech/low-tech/no-tech solutions and improvisation… self-rescue & team rescue… personal & team survival… primary care… sick call medicine… sanitation… field laboratory procedures…using our protocols and standard operating procedures…wound repair… pain control… anesthesthia… nursing skills… stress psychology… remote… and so much more….
This training and experiences are NOT for everyone – Thank Heavens! If you think this program is for you – if you are ready to meet the challenge......
is designed for health care and medical professionals desiring the most cutting edge training and practical experience in remote, expedition, disaster, and independent duty medicine.
The WREM-RDM program is intended for all health and medical providers, and students in these disciplines, such as DO/MD, PA/NP, RN, LPN, Paramedic & EMT, and related disciplines and students in all these areas. As a medical professional or student, you already have already mastered the basics… we will then teach you material offered no where else!
Student Comments On File With Us:
“An outstanding course and incredible experience! Field Training Exercises (FTX) were a highlight and the challenges presented pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of. Keith is an outstanding and knowledgeable instructor. He clearly and succinctly explained materials and helped students form critical thinking skills with scarce resources and meds. Bruce is an excellent instructor with obvious know-how, practical experience and big-picture understanding.”
“Learning to improvise is such a helpful skill for physicians. It teaches us to think outside the box and stretch our creativity to care for patients.”
To receive WREM-RDM certification you will be required to complete approximately 30-hours of self study and then complete a tax deductible 16-day in-residence training program. This unique training program combines lectures, hands-on skills labs, realistic field exercises in the jungle, hills, rivers, and caves found at our training center, and actual patient care in small 3rd world hospitals and village clinics… you will be trained and tested in the knowledge, skills, and experiences you need to provide the finest medical care possible, survive, and thrive in remote and difficult settings, extended care & primary care locales, in the woods, jungles, rivers, caves of our training center as well as in a 3rd world emergency ‘department’ & hospital… in the real world rather than in a first world, urban, sanitized, 10-minute solution setting… and granting 120 CME/CEU hours…
Completing the 16-day program will grant you the following certification, which you will be eligible to apply to your current level of training:
- Wilderness, Remote, & Expedition Medicine / Remote Duty Professional Providers for DO/MD, PA/NP, RN, LPN, EMT-P/I/B and all health professions
Plus all students will have received, on successful completion, training in:
- Advanced Airway
- Advanced Fluid Resuscitation
- Primary Care Medication Use & Administration
-Remote & Extended Care/Critical Care Life Support
- Wilderness Rescue
- Wilderness Survival
On your successful completion of this program you will have the knowledge, skills, and experiences needed to provide the finest remote medical care, under the most difficult conditions, exceeding that of all but the most highly trained military independent duty and special operations medical personnel… which is understandable, as our physician and remote medic instructional cadre are all current or former military and civilian special operations instructors.
 These programs are not for everyone. You will be challenged – a little physically, a lot mentally and spiritually – at times you will be tired, hungry, in the dark, in rivers, in caves, in the jungle, bug bit, covered in mud, soaking wet, cut & scraped, pushed to your limit, pushed past your limits & discovering new limits… we promise you that!
 In turn you will learn more medicine, more rescue, more survival, more about the realities of care under the most remote difficult conditions, more about what works & what doesn’t, why it’s different than your urban training, and more about how you perform in situations you cannot even imagine… we promise you that!
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