Instructors, Guides & Staff
Outworld Instructors are a highly dedicated and motivated group of unique individuals. All are former Outworld students, and all are subject matter experts in the topics that they teach. Outworld Instructors have years to decades of real world experience and bring their personal and unique perspective to each class. We design our classes to allow our students to benefit from the lessons we usually learned 'the hard way'.
Jeannette Velasco EMT-P / WEM/PRO Remote Duty Medic. Lead Rescue Instructor. Spydering a pit in Costa Rica..
Esperanza Gaitan. Jungle Guide / Remote Duty Medic. Rescue Instructor. Here she is functioning as Safety Officer deeeep in Spooky Cave.
Anthony Ibarra EMT-P /FF / WEM-PRO. Senior Medical & Rescue Instructor. Rescue Operations in Waterfall Cave.
Dr. Keith Brown. In the Karakoram Mountains.t.
Rick Puddy EMT-P / WEM-PRO Remote Duty Medic. Senior Rescue & Medical Instructor. Operations Coordinator. Rick (ar left) with friends at K2 Base Camp.
Bruce Hagen EMT-P / MICP/ WEM-PRO /Remote Duty Medic.  Director of Education and Training. Senior Medical & Rescue Instructor. Chief, Rescue Operations. Horse Mounted Rescue Operations in Belize, Central America.
(From L-R) Medical Director Dr. Becky Abell,  Rescue Instructor Jeannette Velasco EMT-P / Remote Duty Medic and Senior Instructor Dr. Brenna Shackleford. WREM / RDM class, Seen here high up on a mud slope in the during a Med/ Rescue Scenario in St. Hermanns Cave, Belize, a challenging underground river cave.
One of our Adjunct Instructors as patient. Seen here inside the SKED being moved through the notorius 'Kelly's Crack' deep in a river cave in Belize. ALL of our Instructors pay their dues first as students and then as 'victims' while learning to become Instructors. We never ask our students to do things that we have not done ourselves. This 'victim' required extensive medical monitoring throughout the scenario. Those students are medical doctors or medics at each end. Guides and Instructors are lying in the water under the SKED in the crack, supporting the weight on their shoulders and hips. Take a close look. How would you like to learn to provide advanced medical care in the worst possible environments?
Dr. Becky Abell MD / Medical Director /   Senior Instructor. ...Headin out into the jungle....
Lead Rescue Instructor / Logistics Coordinator Sonnya Simpson EMT / WEM-PRO (3rd from left) with Senior Instructor Rick Puddy EMT-P / WEM-PRO Remote Duty Medic (far right) seen here at the Pakistan / China Border. Ijaz with Nazir Sabir Expeditions is at far left. Note Sonnya's short hair. She left for the Karakoram and K2 only 3 months after completion of her chemo for treatment of cancer. This photo was taken upon our return from that is badass....
Instructors and Students Tents. K2 Base Camp.
Kelly Girard RN / WEM-PRO. Adjunct Instructor. Herbal & Jungle Medicine, Massage.
Walter Garcia Jungle Guide / WEM-PRO. Adjunct Rescue / Med Instructor. Logistics Coordinator. Rescue operations at the night near the Sibun River.
Rescue Instructor Abel Garcia. (Orange Helmet Top) makes some adjustments on a highline traversing a water filled passage deep in a river cave.
Dr. Brenna Shackleford. WEM-PRO / RDM Senior Instructor / Medical Officer. Deep in a river cave in Belize.