We only recommend or sell gear that we have used and abused. Outworld is hard on gear, so you know that is we have an item for sale in our store that it has been tested under very harsh and adverse conditions. Although we are Dealers for several reliable companies, Outworld Gear does not list everything in the company, only those items that we have personally used and recommend. Under each item listed you will find our notes and why we recommend the item. And, if there are negatives, we will tell you those as well. So, wander through our gear cache, read our notes and drop us a line if you have any gear related questions. 
We are dealers for PMI, ExtraSport, Black Diamond, CMI, Rites in Rain, Aqua-Sports and several other companies. If you wish to order items from the company line NOT listed in our cache drop us a note and we will be glad to help!
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270 Lumen CL1 DIV 1 Multipurpose Flashlight

The AE LifeLight is a flashlight, divelight, and emergency light. The light head is machined aerospace aluminum, Mil-Spec hard anodized, with CREE LED. The body is Acetal (POM) Homopolymer plastic, the same as used in automotive engine gears making the AE LifeLight light-weight & Indestructible.

The LifeLight rated for Class 1, Division 1, Groups A-F all gases and dust.
. Using standard AA batteries it will run for 4+ hours at (275-180 lumens), gradually diminishing in output for 72 hours,
Triple O-ring sealed it is pressure tested to 200 meters (600') depth.
Diameter: 1.18 in. / 29.97mm
Length: 6.3 in.
Weight: 3.53 oz
Lumen output: *270 lumens for 1-2 hrs, 180, lumens @ 3-5 hrs., then slowly decreasing with battery output.
Pressure depth: 600 ft. / 200 meters
Run time: 3-5 hr with fresh batteries (standard AA) @ full power, 36+ hr @ lower output.
Triple seals on light head


PMI Avatar Rescue Harness

The ultimate in comfort and protection. PMI's Avatar harness is a versatile work and rescue harness.
Includes a variety of functional and practical NFPA and ANSI certified attachement points for any work/rescue application: sternal, dorsal, waist, shoulder, and rear waist belt.
Side attachement positioning rings.
Ergonomic design puts safety first without compromising comfort.
Adjustable leg loops and waist belt are extra wide and padded.


Notes: We were introduced to the AE CL1 at SAREX in Southern California. Outworld Instructors were presenting lectures and we had a booth at the vendors site as well. Jeannette and Sonnya found this light and insisted that we take a look at it and give it a try. We purchased 4 and took them down to Belize for the Fall WREM class and geve 'em the Outworld treatment. The AE CL1 easily withstood 2 weeks of humidity, water, mud and physical abuse. This abuse included using the flashlight to unjam an M16 repeatedly by pounding on the charging handle with the head of the light. Aside from some minor scars the light continued to function perfectly. It produces a very bright and clear pattern of light. There are 3 features that make this our new favorite light. 1) It really is waterproof. 2) It runs on AA batteries. This is a major plus when you consider this flashlight for remote applications. and 3) it is damn near indestructible. I am sure you could break one but you would have to work at it. We see no reason why this light would not last through years of abusive service. While it is not inexpensive, you will save the $ on wear and affordable (and available) AA batteries.