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Sibun River Training Center.
Urban Shield, California: Outworld Instructors Bruce Hagen, Jeannette Velasco, Sonnya Simpson and Rick Puddy assisted as Riggers in the 48 hour SWAT exercise held at Cal State Hayward Oct 15-17. SWAT teams rappeled 6 stories down to make entry into an active shooter scenario. Riggers belayed and insured the safety of the SWAT team during the rappel.
-Crush Syndrome: Contact us for our NEW Field Guide to Crush Syndrome / Compartment Syndrome.
SWAT Team participants rappel 6 stories into an active shooter scenario during the 48 hour Urbam Shield Exercise and competition.
 October 15-17: Urban Shield. See Photo>

Sept 27- Oct 12. Fall WREM class was a great success!  A great group of students and some unique learning opportunities. We nicknamed this class the 'Remote Abscess Class" since that seemed to be the theme of the 'For Real' medical care provided to both humans and livestock. Check out the album photos on Facebook! 
November 6-12: LTT class at the Sibun Training Center. Looks to be an interesting and challenging class. Several former students will return for this very unique opportunity. It will be good to see them and catch up!
Improvised MDI Spacer  from a water bottle.
This method works especially well for passive, pediatric or unconcious administration.
1. Carefully cut the bottom off of the water bottle, as well as part of the mouth piece.
 2. Using strips of duct tape, cover the sharp edges along the bottom where you have cut. A bit of foam or soft padding taped along the bottom edge will create a softer more secure seal.
 3. Take more duct tape and create a smaller opening at the mouth end — an opening or even a slit that will temporarily and snugly fit the inhaler.
 4. Hold the bottom end around the mouth (or over the mouth and nose); spray the proper dose of the asthma medication, and instruct the patient to inhale. The bottle may even collapse a bit confirming a proper inhalation..