Wilderness, Expedition, Remote, International, Conflict Regions, Disaster, Rescue & Austere Medicine......... 
These are all the same thing, right?

Well, no, not really. There are many similarities and the knowledge-skills-experience that you need to function in one may serve you well in the others IF you get the right knowledge, skills and experiences!
Lets take a look at the differences.

Wilderness Medicine is typically defined as medical care in a setting hours away from assistance and / or definative medical care. Most of this type of medicine takes place in the first world and is taught there as well.
It is not unusual for US or UK based wilderness medicine classes to incorporate cell-phone contacts, helicopter evacuations and 'carry just to the road' solutions. Usually groups are small, logistical issues are minimal, and there is little to no extended time frames of care.

EXPEDITION MEDICINE is typically defined as medical care in a setting for days, or even weeks and more. Most of this type of medicine takes place in the second or third world, open ocean, or at the poles. The majority of Medical needs are 'booboo' type medical care.  There is usually a fairly large group, and the medical component is an important, but never the most important, part of an expedition, which has its own goals and
Extended time frame care is the norm, as is the need to evacuate patients by carry or pack animal for up to several days.

REMOTE, INTERNATIONAL, Conflict, 3rd, 4th and 5th world medicine is typically defined as medical care in a setting for weeks to indefinitely. Most of this type of medicine takes place in clinics, bush hospitals, refugee camps and the like. Besides all of the acute injuries and illnesses, the chronic diseases, public health issues and security issues and more come into play.

Disaster Medicine is typically defined as short and long term response to an affected area. There is often a significant Search component to the initial response. Responders are generally part of an organized or ad hoc response. Logistical issues hamper medical care.

Rescue Medicine is typically defined as medical care provided during the actual rescue and evacuation of the patient, as well as medical care provided to the rescue team. These environments may be urban, rural,
 remote wilderness, mountains, caves and vertical environments. There is often a significant environmental component. Medical providers must be skilled in all the rescue components as well as function well in the rescue command structure. The medical needs of the patient are often in conflict with the rescue needs.

Outworld Rescue & Medical Services specializes in teaching and doing all of the above- and much more. We teach our programs globally, in the settings where it will be used. Our philosophy is 'Real medicine in the Real world".

Not to put to fine a point on it, but our programs are NOT for everyone. We are selective about who we enroll...YOU have to have the right MINDSET. None of our programs require more than average physical condition. We have taken amputees, pump dependent diabetic, cancer survivors and more through our programs.
What matters is the WILL TO DO, The SOUL to DARE" and nothing else but a team spirit, curiosity, a beginners mindset and the ability to follow instructions.
If you want a course-in-a-can' using 'death by power-point', if you want decade old dogma and the same old tired US 'wilderness medicine' teaching, if you want endless reasons why you can't do something in the real world-don't look to us. There are a hundred 'wilderness' courses offered in the US/UK every year that will happily provide you with a course in a

On the other hand, the professional Instructors and operators of Outworld Rescue & Medical Services are composed exclusively of former civilian expedition and military special operations physicians,-medical, allied health and technical rescue instructors-remote operational personnel, survival and jungle guides. All are dedicated to excellence in instruction, performance and service.
In turn, we are highly selective of the clients that we offer our services to, the students that we accept, and the projects in which we participate.

Do you have "The WILL to DO, the SOUL to DARE?".
If so please join us.......and
Welcome to the Edge!
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